Greg Tang, National Math Expert

Greg Tang was a featured presenter for the opening session at the NCTN Regional Conference in Atlantic City, October 19-21, 2011. He is a math educator who believes that building math fluency and foundations can be developed through fun practiced drills.  He is a renowned author of several math books for kids grades K – 8.  “The Grapes of Math” and many others can be found on his website.  He has developed interesting math games that are engaging and challenging, and is the creator of Kakooma. By playing Kakooma students sharpen their minds and hone their math fluency.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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2 Responses to Greg Tang, National Math Expert

  1. Kirby Mahoney says:

    Greg Tang was a Featured Presenter for the Opening Session at the NCTM conference in Atlantic City last week. Two of my colleagues and I attended his presentation with much delight. We found his way of looking at developing math skills both entertaining and significant. He had a clear message about building math fluency through fun, better methods that included a social media component. We have already adapted his game Kakooma into into our Upper Elementary classrooms. ( Our discussions have also started about how to adapt other online math games into our Lower Elementary grades.

  2. arturekian says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences at the NCTM Conference at the faculty meeting this week. Everyone is so excited to share this approach with their students.

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