Tech Counterpoint

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3 Responses to Tech Counterpoint

  1. bsullivan35 says:

    I looked into a Waldorf School, but the best location is nearly an hour away. And there is the cost. Nevertheless, this healthy skepticism for the appropriate use of technology reminds me of the great Atlantic article you brought to our meeting, Is Google Making Us Stupid?

  2. Rhonan says:

    I think the Waldorf School overboard, but it is an interesting pushback. I’ll post the article.

    • Andrew says:

      I’ve known a number of parents who’ve sent their kids to Waldorf Schools, and those who do — wouldn’t dream of sending their kids to non-Waldorf schools.

      I’m vaguely aware that the Waldorf philosophy is based in part on the teachings of a German philosopher from just before World War I or II named Rudolf Steiner, who rejected both the militarism of Prussia and the Nazis, and the milquetoast, limid democracy of Weimar Germany. What he actually believed, I don’t know… but I do know that he wrote a couple of interesting books on geometry and spirituality. Hmm.

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