Is Google Making Us Stoopid?

Click Here  I swear I am not a Luddite! I think Technology is key to the 21st Century classroom. I just want to be sure to marry Tech with traditional learning, not replace it. What do other think? How could we create a dinner meeting to help develop an intelligent conversation about this complex topic?  

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2 Responses to Is Google Making Us Stoopid?

  1. bsullivan35 says:

    Here’s a link to a great article from the Washington Post: The Google Effect: Has Your Brain been Rewired? There’s a fun quiz, too.

  2. Check this link out where the Silicon Valley Google parents send their children because they do not want their children ‘rewired’ – they chose a Waldorf school in the Bay area in California:;lst;3

    Amalia Pretel-Gray, Class Teacher, Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, Connecticutt

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