Welcome to Our Blog! Thank You for Sharing.

Greetings. Below is a video that will help with the easy steps to post.  You could also scroll down and read the steps if that suits your style. Have fun writing your post; try to select the category that they fit into. If your post is a new category, by all means add that category.  Again, welcome!

1.) Go to the “Meta” widget area on the right hand panel (side) of the blog; than click on “site admin” or “log in” hyperlink;
2.) Click on “add new”, located under the “post” tab;
3.) To insert picture, video or media, click on first icon next to upload or insert. Once you choose your media, you must click the insert into post button to make the picture a part of your post, then click save all changes. Also click on the “Edit” link after Published text if you want to time your post.
4.) Follow the instructions to post picture or video.
5.) Click publish (publish = save in blogging) to create your new post; click update after you revise.


About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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