Bring Your I-Pad to the “Unconference” Portion of our Upcoming Event

The “Unconference” portion of last year’s What Works is Worth Sharing: Teachers Sharing with Teachers event involved all attendees collaborating and learning from each other with an eclectic array of topics. There was a great buzz in the room as everyone moved around connecting with CAIS colleagues. This year’s “Unconference” portion promises to be just as exciting, and we have improved the time slot for this session in the day’s schedule as was suggested in our evaluations. Last year I remember well the dynamic dialogue in the I-Pad area of the room. There were CAIS teachers from all k-12 disciplines sharing and learning from each other about the best apps as well as one educator who made money by finding an App angel (free lance or “elance” programmer) on line and creating an app for her specific classroom needs. The humble questions from non-users were answered differently from the experienced users; consequently, the regular users of the I-Pad were sharing nuances that they didn’t expect to articulate. The conversation captured the true spirit of the “Unconference” paradigm. I am excited for the new I-Pad conversations as well as other topics that presenters post.

Sign up for one of the few remaining spots for January 31st:

For more on the “Unconference” experience:

For more on I-Pads, read this post on Collaboratoria:


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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