Gaming The Classroom

Gaming the classroom is my way of saying gamification of the classroom, but lots of people consider adding educational games to the classroom to be gamification of the classroom. I disagree. I consider gamification of the classroom to be: Adding principles of game design to the classroom. These principles are what game designers use to keep players engaged. If we can successfully adapt some of these principles, we can keep students engaged in their schoolwork.

Here is a link to my short video that explains a little more about it. It also gives a change we can make to our class environments, which will hopefully make our classrooms more engaging.

Minimizing The Risk of Failure in Education


Paul Caginalp
Chemistry Teacher
Suffield Academy
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3 Responses to Gaming The Classroom

  1. bsullivan35 says:

    Great post, Paul. I added Doug Lemov as a tag because his book resonates with many of our CAIS colleagues.

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