The Fruits of our Labor

I recently received a very nice email from Dirk DeLo, Chief Technology Officer for Avenues: The World School.  Dirk is also the former Director of Technology and Information Services for Greenwich Academy and past chair of the CAIS Commission on Technology.  The email reads, “I know this isn’t CAIS news, but I wanted to share with you anyway since the CAIS program [Learning and Teaching with iPads, 1.12.12] had a lot to do with sealing the deal to get this program launched.”

Avenues: The World School is is pleased to to announce a 1 + 1 program for all of its middle and upper school students and faculty.  Every teacher and student in the middle and upper school at Avenues will have both a MacBook Air and an iPad.  The most recent news from Apple only strengthens our program as all of our faculty will be trained to use iBooks Author to create content for their classes, student and faculty will use iBooks to access this collection of educational resources, and we will share our content not only to our community body, but to the entire educational world using iTunes U channel for Avenues.

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