Why an iPhone App for Participation?

What is more central to the student experience in school than participation? Participation is often limited to raising one’s hand and speaking. This definition however limits the class to those students who don’t mind speaking in front of an entire group. By increasing student participation, teachers can increase achievement and students’ general satisfaction as learners. By keeping track of participation, teachers can analyze who they are teaching to and how they should adjust the classroom to benefit all students. Student centered teaching means creating opportunities for participation of all types for all types of learners and personalities. As a teacher, I felt that I needed data on participation, rock solid data that would make me more aware of how well I was or was not creating opportunities for all students to participate. This project and app were a way to put equitable participation at the center of my teaching and planning. Come see how this app was born, how it is used, how it has changed my teaching,  what is to come in the next version, and how you can develop an app of your own.

Please click on the url below the mindmap on participation, to see what I consider some of the many types of participation in my class. If you are interested in adding ideas to the map let me know and I can add you as an editor. Hope to see you tomorrow. The app is available at the itunes store and will be free to Teachers Sharing with Teachers participants.


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2 Responses to Why an iPhone App for Participation?

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  2. Reblogged this on learninginthetechworld and commented:
    Lots out there about how we can use technology to help shy students. I wonder though, are we empowering or creating more students who have trouble communicating face to face. Yes, I know that the idea is to increase participation and overall I think it’s a great idea. I just think we need to be aware of going too far and causing more harm than good.

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