Class blogs are the next killer app – Slides

Thanks to all who attended the Class Blogs workshop. There were great questions posed and some excellent discussion. Here are the slides I used during the sessions:


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I'm a history teacher and curricular technology maven who loves to think out loud.
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2 Responses to Class blogs are the next killer app – Slides

  1. Andrew says:


    Just looking through the slides, I’m impressed. I wish I’d been there (Debate Club event at K-O). I always wanted to get to this point with my classes, and it’s been a struggle getting parents, students and teachers on board. Yet I know from writing online that it’s a great way to build a community of fellow communicators and idea-makers: I’m both a guest contributor, a commenter, and a participant in the actions of a community through blogging. I’m also a MUCH better writer.

    Maybe next year my classes will be blogging…

  2. wordforester says:

    A great presentation– thanks! I’ve begun blogging with my AP Lit. (English) students, commenting on individual reading assignments. I’m posting grades and comments on these entries directly underneath in the comment boxes, with a brief rubric leading off, as in this example:
    Blog Entry Response
    4 pts—Coverage (is the passage well accounted for?): 3
    3 pts.—Good writing style/engagement with topic: 2.5
    3 pts.—Specific evidence from text cited in support: 2.5
    total: 8/10 pts.
    And then a comment on what works, what needs work, etc. As you can see from the second item on the rubric, some of the grade depends on writing focus and engagement (including effective vocab. usage). I’ll let you know if the students tolerate seeing a 7/10 or 8/10 alongside some of stars’ grades of 9/10, 9.5/10. My short-term strategy is to tell any complainers to “up their game” in order to lift their scores. We’ll see how this works; hopefully it will keep a few seniors reading and writing instead of attempting to “slide” out the door as spring arrives…
    Bill Hunter
    Hamden Hall School

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