A Middle School Contest

Hi, CAIS CPD friends and allies,

I told Bill that I was running this contest at IDS on March 10, 2012, and he suggested that I post the video that I made explaining the contest here, to help publicize it and let Connecticut schools know that we’re running it.

I said on my own blog that the things I’ve seen our kids learning in our design program are really the core of 21st century skills. I think that opportunities to learn about design, and to practice being designers, need to expand. It’s my hope, and IDS’s hope, that this annual competition is going to be a driver of innovation in schools.  


About Andrew

I am an artisan and Maker in western Massachusetts. I'm a kayaker, poet, thinker, philosopher, magician and Druid — not necessarily in that order.
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2 Responses to A Middle School Contest

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  2. kateknopp says:

    I really like this, Andrew. I think it’ll be of great use as we try to lure schools to participate in this workshop/ competition in the future. I think we might also think about holding a dinner — inviting teachers who are unsure how to approach the task of pull together a team — and help them to see its value and how it might be of use within their own courses. Let’s keep at it!

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