IDS Design Event

Independent Day School of Middlefield is hosting two Design events open to teams of Middle Schoolers, one is on November 3, 2012; the other is on April 6, 2013.

  • November 3, 2012: Redesign the Electoral College.  Students have to develop a proposal to amend or replace the Electoral College, while still keeping in mind its original intents: to balance the states’ populations and rights against one another; to keep the balance between rural and urban centers; and to avoid having the presidential election turn into a popularity contest.  Design your proposal ahead of time, then bring it to be tested by other teams on November 3. Right before the election, too.
  • We’re also hosting the New England Design Symposium on April 6, 2013. The theme this year for participating teams will be Food and Landscape.  Each team is invited to submit a problem portfolio explaining a given problem around food in their community, and its relation to (or lack of relation to) the landscape around it.  This problem is very broadly defined, in order to give maximum leeway to the designers and to the challenging teams.

I hope that some of the CAIS middle schools will think about participating in one or both of these events; we had a really good time at NEDS last year, and I hope some of the other schools will think about joining us for these events.


About Andrew

I am an artisan and Maker in western Massachusetts. I'm a kayaker, poet, thinker, philosopher, magician and Druid — not necessarily in that order.
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