How Smart is your Homework? New CAIS Program October 16th

What would Alfie Kohn say if he watched these scenes from the NBC show, The Office?

Click here to register at the How Smart is your Homework CAIS dinner program, hosted by Chase Collegiate School, Waterbury, Ct.

Students and parents sometimes feel trapped by homework.  Students try to prove themselves to teachers or “game” the classroom’s homework system; parents push for grades.  As teachers, too, we feel we should assign work and then we feel burdened by assessing it. What do you want your homework to be doing for your curriculum?  Is it working effectively?

Homework – thoughtfully designed – can augment student learning and offer you important information about what students know and what they need, still, to learn.  And, it can serve a variety of functions for classroom learning if we design it to provide discreet and particular practice for our students.  How we help students understand the purpose of a given assignment can tame the anxiety/stress that often hijacks learning and blocks good practice.

This program is applicable to all grade levels. Our evening will begin with a brief presentation by Kate Knopp, who will reference popular perceptions about homework from the film, Race to Nowhere, Kenneth Goldberg’s The Homework Trap: How to Save the Sanity of Parents, Students and Teachers, and recent TED Talks by Salman Khan who refers to homework as “a second shift.”  We’ll also discuss the nature of motivation including points from Daniel Pink’s book,Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Finally we’ll look, together, at two case studies of well-intentioned assignments gone wrong and conclude the evening with small group conversation and reflection about how teachers can make better use of homework.  You’ll return to campus with new tools for tinkering with homework assignments to make it a happier, more productive part of learning.

We encourage schools to send groups of teachers to this event, so they can support one another’s learning when they return to campus.

About our presenter:   Kate Knopp currently teaches Middle School at The Independent Day School in Middlefield. She has taught previously at Holderness School in Plymouth NH, Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT, Milton Academy in Milton, MA and CITYterm at The Master’s School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She holds an MA in Literature from Bread Loaf School of English and an Ed.M. in Educational Administration from Teachers College.

Click here to register at the How Smart is your Homework CAIS dinner program, hosted by Chase Collegiate School, Waterbury, Ct.


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