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Two trains leave the station headed in opposite directions. One train travels 10 miles per hour faster than the other. In 6 hours they are 425 miles apart. Find the rate of each train.

We’ve all heard it before… it’s the nightmare every adult has about their algebra class in High School…why do word problems have such a bad reputation!?   They are actually the avenue by which algebra (and most of math) becomes relevant. They can only become relevant if they ARE relevant. Is the “train problem” relevant to us? What connection can a student possibly make to this?

In my 20 years of teaching High School Math, word problems have always been challenging for my students. Consecutive integer problems, age problems,  distance/ rate problems, simple interest, etc…Word problems fitting into neat little categories.  Is this really the way students learn how to think critically? Are these the…

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Director of Lower School/ Mathematics Teacher at Hamden Hall Country Day School, #isedchat moderator
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