CAIS Too Many Tools Event A Great Success! – Here are the notes…

Too Many Tools Event Dec 13th, 2012

Sponsored by the CAIS Commission on Technology, Too Mphotoany Tools was a wonderful glimpse into some of the current technologies that impact classroom teaching.

Google Apps and Formative Assessment presented by David Saunders and Matt Dandola, Greenwich Country Day School:
If you haven’t dove into the Google Apps yet – now is the time! David Saunders and Matt Dandola from Greenwich Country Day School gave a powerful glimpse into the role that they can play in formative assessment. Both presenters did a fantastic job showing how the tools can provide a powerful and efficient way to assess student thinking and performance across all disciplines – in real time! This presentation showcased formative assessment through the lens of Google Docs, Sites, Forms and Presentations.

Allowing ongoing assessment with timely feedback Google Docs provides a setting for peer-to-peer evaluation. With a feature to comment down the side of page it is a fabulous place to give feedback. It also offers easy to access revision history which is a fantastic tool to see how students build and revise their writing. Forms allow students to self- reflect and to survey students.

For more information on Google Apps and Education click here:

NotesPlus iPad App presented by Bridget Gagney, Miss Porter’s:

With notebooks all in one place, NotesPlus is an app ($7.99) that can be used to transform the traditional 5 subject binder. This versatile app allows users to take advantage of audio, text, imported web pages, PDFs and more. The flexibility of the program allows students to learn and organize based on their individual preferences and need.

For more information on NotesPlus for the iPad click here:

Using Lego Robotics to Enhance the Math/Science Curriculum presented by Lloyd Mitchell, Unquowa School:
Lego Robotics can go way beyond the “club” by integrating math and science concepts in challenging and creative ways. No longer considered and add on, concepts can be taught in a way that allows students to explore, redesign, think and build their deeper knowledge of tough concepts. Through Robotics they understand that it is ok to fail. In Lloyd’s classes, core math skills, such as ratios and proportions, are being learned by doing.

For more information on Robotics click here:

Nearpod presented by Matt Winkler, South Kent School:By entering a code that is provided to students, teachers can use Nearpod to hijacks everyone’s device in the room! With this control, the teacher can then use polling, share aggregate data, and engage the class by pushing out content. Students are engaged as they can also share information back to the teacher and can gain immediate and powerful feedback.

For more information about Nearpod click here:

Textbook 2.0 presented by Jon Shee, St. Luke’s School
Many teachers have been frustrated with being tied down to the textbook. If you have been cutting, pasting, photo copying and creating your own material for your course – it may be time to take a look at using iBooks Author to design your own interactive book. Jon whipped us through a wonderful demonstration of his book and how to easily create one with little technical ability required. The power of the iBook goes beyond just reading with the ability to take notes, PDF, highlight, create a glossary, and add interactive widgets, video and magically transform highlighted text into note cards. An incredibly powerful tool!

For more information about iBooks Author click here:

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2 Responses to CAIS Too Many Tools Event A Great Success! – Here are the notes…

  1. iplantes says:

    Great summary…wonderful group of people to collaborate with and learn from!

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