Please take your seats…

I’m sure we all remember our teachers walking into the classroom and greeting us with a pleasant; “Good morning class, please take your seats.” All of this came back to me as I read the following article about a classroom free school in Sweden. Taking notes from companies like Google and Pixar on how they structure their facility to help collaboration and creativity is a great start, but not everyone can start a new school from scratch and even less have award wining architects design these creative spaces.

So what can we do now to help change the classroom… My good friend and colleague Phil Darrin began by eliminating chairs.

The concept may not be his but the standing desk classroom has been a great move. The combination of iPads and standing desks have helped in breaking up the traditional model. Many great things have come from this arrangement and there is no doubt it is a sustainable model. Mr. Phil Darrin uses this to the advantage of all in the room. Moving around, having the students reconfigure at moments notice to set up fro debates or presentations, the standing desks have helped transition the old paradigm of having a sage on the stage to a guide on the side. I encourage faculty members to give this a try, I will add some pictures to this post soon as well as include a 360 degree video that was shot at the last debate in class.


About sksgonzo

Gonzo Garcia, Chief Information Officer at South Kent School, is the technological leader in one the country’s most digitally progressive preparatory schools. With only 9 months of preparation, the school converted from a traditional learning environment and now boasts a 99% digital ebook adoption rate across all grade levels. Garcia’s expertise has been overseeing many of the details of the deployment from upgrading the network infrastructure to faculty and student training and developing a deployment roadmap and program website. Garcia, working with Academic Dean Phil Darrin, has been called upon to advise schools around the country as they make the switch. Garcia, a 1995 graduate of South Kent School also holds a Bachelors of Arts from Moravian College.
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