I-Pad Unconference—One Size Fits All for Professional Learning

Sign up details, for October 1, 2013, I-Pad Unconference: http://www.caisct.org/RelId/636754/ISvars/default/October_1%2c_2013.htm

The Commission of Professional Development has come to embrace the design of the unconference model because it meets the needs of professional learning in a dynamic way and fosters great connections among CAIS colleagues. When answering questions about the unconference model to those who have not experienced this style before, we most often explain to teachers who are perhaps a little hesitant about their “unknowledge” or inexperience with the subject matter, that their questions and background bring so much to the group learning. Remember Seneca the Younger’s observation about sharing knowledge:  Docendo discimus (by teaching, we learn). Likewise, we often receive great feedback from past attendees who discovered that it was so easy to become an “Active Participant” in this process. They also report on how once they had help on finding the right app in the first session, they were ready to share what they learned by the second session because they were on their way to applying the app in their classroom setting. These attendees were also excited to share what they learned with their colleagues back at school. They were teachers asking, sharing, and learning with fellow teachers. No matter your skill level or experience, come ready to be an active participant in this dynamic of professional learning.

On a minor note, The CPD Commission’s aduio/visual subcommittee is borrowing this video to help explain the unconference model more. Do you have another video suggestion? Please click on the comment thread and add the link for another good video.


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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