Online and Blended Learning in Education Part 1

The road to learning

Today I was lucky enough to participate in a live professional development session with other Connecticut Association of Independent School Educators related to Online and Blended Learning.  This PD was led by Brad Rathberger and Lorri Palko from the Online School for Girls.  Today’s session was part of a year long online course looking at how online and blended learning as a place to expand learning for independent schools.

Learning today is ever changing with initiatives coming from the tech world, from policy makers, from global initiatives, from learners themselves.  We have come so far from the one room school house to learning occurring with walls and bells, to the idea that learning can occur without consideration for time and space. It is happening so fast and furiously that there are many responses: jump on the band wagon, consider, reflect and go, and dig heels in and don’t change.  There…

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About Sharon LePage Plante

Sharon Plante, an educator with 22 years teaching experience in special education, has been an educator at The Southport School for fourteen years, as well as currently serving as Director of Technology. She utilizes her educational training and love of technology to engage students with learning disabilities in building their skills and finding success. Sharon is the co-author of Using Technology to Engage Students with Learning Disabilities. She was awarded the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award from George Mason University College of Education and Human Development. She has presented at Everyone Reading, EdRev, Edscape, ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association), Spotlight on Dyslexia, IDA (International Dyslexia Association) and New York Chapter of ALTA (Academic Language Trainers Association), as well as at several EdCamps, on using technology to empower the dyslexic learner. Sharon is a co-founder of #edtechchat, and co-organizer of EdCampSWCT.
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2 Responses to Online and Blended Learning in Education Part 1

  1. Maggie Rahe says:

    Tonight’s presentation was fantastic at Hamden Hall. Thank you for teaching us about all of the ways to use technology to help those students with dyslexia. You have always been a wonderful teacher Sharon. Your insight and shared information was incredibly helpful. I am very grateful to you for your expertise.

  2. iplantes says:

    Maggie, Thank you so much for your kinds words. I love being able to work with my aawesome students and help others see what great learners they can be.

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