More CAIS Educators Using #CAISCT To Connect


Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.44.33 PMCAIS educators attending the World Language Dinner tomorrow night can use the #caisct to begin preconference conversations. And because the event is fully booked, others can connect and find out some take-aways. Taking advantage of the #caisct, Twitter conversations can also happen during and after conferences and events. This practice will be a great feature for CAIS educators to continue their professional learning.


If you are new to Twitter, don’t be shy.  This is a great event to try Twitter.  Note how all the major national conferences are using this practice.  Sign up for Twitter today and learn among great colleagues tomorrow night. Just be mindful to try to add a link to your Tweet (micro blog post) and most of all, remember the #caisct (hashtag), which will categorize our conversation. Or you can cram a 1000 words into 140 characters (Twitter restraint) by using an image. Get connected and join the sharing and learning today!


Here are easy steps to sign up for Twitter in 10 minutes:



About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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