Build Your Personal Learning Network: Bring Your I-Pad, Your New or Old Twitter Account

 CAIS colleagues are still talking about last year’s “Unconference” portion of last year’s Teachers Helping Teachers event. What’s an unconference? This short video explains it well. That portion of the event involved all attendees collaborating and learning from each other with an eclectic array of topics. There was a great buzz in the room as everyone moved around connecting with CAIS colleagues. There were CAIS teachers from all k-12 disciplines sharing and learning from each other about the best practices. If you have never been involved in an “unconference” conference, don’t fret. This is the perfect setting to try your first unconference among CAIS colleagues. Just jump into one of the discussions. And don’t be afraid to start one up or take the lead. Most importantly during an unconference gathering, the humble questions from non-users (who was still a thoughtful educator) of a particular software or App were answered differently, and the subsequent dialogue elevated the conversation for all, even the experienced users. Most importantly, connections are made and future dialogue can exist among new people in your personal learning network. The CAIS CPD is also excited this year to promote more Flipped Classroom learning. Stay tuned for more presentations to come on the CAIS Educator’s blog. Attendees will be able to view “Flipped Teaching/Learning” material before they go to the specific session.

Sign up for one of the few remaining spots for January 28th:


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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