Flipping “Writing, Blogging, and Social Networks: Kids Write Better”

As we planned for the Teachers Helping Teachers workshop, we noticed that several of our colleagues had presented sessions on flipping the classroom in past years. Why not flip some sessions at the workshop as well? Instead of talking about flipping, let’s actually try it. I volunteered without thinking carefully about how such a session would actually run. After some reflection and planning, I decided to create a video of the presentation I would have given live if my session was in a conventional format. That video is below:

In order for the session to be successful, participants would have to view the eighteen minute video prior to attending. During the session, we would begin with a brief exercise (5 minutes) using laptops, tablets, etc., and use the results of that exercise to generate a discussion involving higher order thinking skills. Rather than presenting, a passive activity for participants, they would be engaged from the start and have more time for Q&A and discussion about student writing. Does the concept work?

Find out Tuesday, January 28 at 12:05 pm or 1:25 pm.


About jbackon

I'm a history teacher and curricular technology maven who loves to think out loud.
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