Transforming to a Digital World

Journalism has changed.  In order to keep up with the real world and continue to make our Journalism curriculum and the student newspaper a real-world relevant experience for our students we had to transform the learning experience. The odyssey to this transformation led to the digital world of media convergence. We discovered in this new world a place where students make connections across curricula; a place that offers hands-on and applied experiences, and expands the possibility for story-telling. The results of the venture: a dynamic program of project-based learning in which students apply twenty-first century skills, and an award-winning student run publication.

King Street Chronicle Final copy

In this presentation the presenters will reflect on their experience during the Journalism Program’s convergence from a print-based publication to a fully digital publication, incorporating the skills taught in Broadcast Journalism and Multimedia Design. Highlights: The presenters will show what they have done to facilitate convergence, discuss challenges, advantages, elements of the program, recommendations for anyone attempting convergence.

Join us on Tuesday, January 28, at 10:15 or 2:05

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