It’s About Time

no hands upIn this age of instant messaging, twitter, and blogging, these advanced forms of communication have found their way into our classrooms. This has increased the speed of communication, instant feed back. You can share your thoughts with the world in less than a second. The expectation of instant feedback has made its way into the classroom, and more specifically, into our class discussions. The students want to know if what they have said is correct or not right away, when for many of our students they need more time to process what is being said so they can formulate a suitable answer.

I will talk about the advantages of providing 3-5 seconds of “think time” to enhance the learning in your classroom.  I will share my experiences and how “think time” has changed the atmosphere in my classroom to a more comfortable and thoughtful one.  I had success sharing it with my colleagues during a professional development gathering, and later with our board of directors. Bring questions about how to implement this best practice into your specific classroom setting tomorrow, and we will continue a productive conversation on professional development.

the thinker

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