Robotics + STEM: Creating and Programming with LEGO WeDo

Workshop session times: 12:05p.m. & 1:25p.m.

As a new member of the CAIS family, I am excited and looking forward to the Teachers Helping Teachers Event on Tuesday, January 28.

Robotics epitomizes many of the 21st century skills, including organization, creativity, cooperation, problem solving, communication, fluency with technology, and collaboration. Leslie Long, Foote School’s science co-chair, and I use the STEM process and design challenges to help our 3rd graders learn these skills. We got the ball rolling with the marshmallow challenge that Tom Wujec describes in his 2010 TED Talk .  This was just the beginning. Our main objective was to have students build, create, and program. What better way to develop excitement than to tell our students that we would be working with LEGOs and Scratch. I’m not sure who was more excited or screamed louder when we started­­—the kids or the teachers—playing with, er, I mean learning through, LEGO WeDo Robotics and programming, first with WeDo and then using Scratch.

I welcome you to join me in this session where I’ll describe and show you what our students are doing and what they are learning about the STEM design process. We‘ll conclude by discussing robotics and your students.

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    Love the exposure to robotics for the youth. They should have things like this in every class room.

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