Presenter Reflections

I had a train of experiences that were new to me as a presenter and educator during and after conference that I wanted to share.

During my “Think Time” presentation, one of teachers listening made a connection with the power of “think time” to allow the introverts of the class to think through a problem or question without the extroverts yelling out the answer. She told me and the others in the room about the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain. Well I went home and looked up the book on line and found Susan’s twitter handle so I could follow her. ( @susancain. One of  the many things I learned at the CAIS conference was how to tweet. So once I found these I tweeted and retweeted for the first time. It was incredibly empowering string of events. I went to the conference to share and teach other teachers and I came away with a valuable skill and a new book to read. I am currently in the introduction, but I know I will make my way through this book very quickly.

Sharing what works->twitter as PD tool->cool book!

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