We don’t give our students enough credit

Last Thursday, we had a Department Day, causing me to hold a second consecutive class online (Tuesday’s class was online because I was at Teachers Helping Teachers). Since there was a test Friday, I had made the decision to allow my students to develop the essay question for our unit on the Industrial Revolution. I chose Today’s Meet (synchronous communication) as the platform for their deliberations and consensus development, and asked that each student contribute two questions to the forum prior to the start of class. During class, the students quickly recognized that an online discussion forum was not the best vehicle for tabulating question choices as you can see here:


One of my students quickly created a Google Form so students could vote on submitted questions.


Results were quickly tabulated in a Google spreadsheet connected to the form, and the class could be proud that they had discussed and voted on the best question from their peers in a single class period with no teacher supervision.

Over the course of the year, I have shifted more responsibility for learning World History to the students. When they take ownership of the learning process (not necessarily the curriculum), the results are meaningful to them, and that means they will learn and retain more. And what was the question they answered on Friday in class?

Was industrialization “good” for society? Explain and be sure to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of industrialization for each social class.

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I'm an independent school educator who is passionate about effective student learning.
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