The Power of Symbaloo

This post, written by Justine Fellows (Greens Farms Academy), is the first of a series of posts written by members of the CAIS Commission on Technology. 

I have been struggling for years (yes folks, over 20!) with bookmarks and favorites. De.licious and I had a brief affair, but ended breaking up quickly. Someone tried to push Diigo my way, but we just never connected. For now I was fine with my multi-layered, folder heavy bookmark structure, and I had resolved to wait it out for the right fit.

And then it happened. I know, I know, everyone says conferences are the place meet – but it actually happened to me! It was at the Academic Tech Retreat where I met Symbaloo!

Two important side notes – I am a visual learner and I struggle with rapid recall. Ask me the name of an author, a song, my favorite store, and I will struggle. I rely heavily on technology. As a visual learner, I was in love with Symbaloo at first site. Organized little tiles, easy integration with my web browser and the ability to color code, rename and organize all of my websites. For my personal life, it allowed me to put all of the sites I would either forget about, or not be able to recall the name of, into a user-friendly format. One corner for finances, one corner for shopping sites I love, one corner for kid-related sites, etc.

As an educator, Symbaloo for education ( quickly solved the problem of sharing resources with students – load up a page with the sites you planned to use during the semester and voila, an easily accessible page for your students. Perfection.

As an original test kid for Atari games, I can assure you that I have been a techie for many moons. One of the most important lessons that I have learned is to not promote technology to busy teachers unless you have spent a lot of time with it. It’s been almost two years, and Symbaloo and I are still happy with our relationship. So check it out, and if you’re looking for love, come to the CAIS Academic Tech Retreat (May 15- 16)!

About Lorri Carroll

Director of Lower School/ Mathematics Teacher at Hamden Hall Country Day School, #isedchat moderator
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1 Response to The Power of Symbaloo

  1. Matthew Winkler says:

    Legal disclaimer: you may or may not find love at the CAIS Academic Tech Retreat.

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