Kristen Ball – 5B Cares, CAIS – February 2014

1 CAIS Conference cover page 2 Ifeverybodyknew 3 causeorgshw 4 chooseacause 5 5B Cares Presentation 6 organization questions 7 5B Cares images assignment 8 images as symbols 9 5B Cares Poster Guidelines 10 presentationprep 11 lettertoorganization 12 from the other side 13 5B Cares poem 14 speech assignment 15 Welcome to the 6th annual 5B Cares Run 16 We are running in honor of our friend Kyle and the importance of finding a cure to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL 17 Welcome to the 4th Annual 5B Cares Run 18 one page around school 19 5B final flat resized 20 5B09 w text (Large) 21 5B3 final 22 5B4 final w text 23 5B5 final w- text 24 5B Cares with text 25 5B6brochurev3

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