#PBL Presentation @CAIS’ Too Many Tools Event, December 11th

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The American Studies class from Suffield Academy is looking forward to launching this exciting #PBL initiative to inspire a state-wide research project to learn more about the Connecticut 29th. This annual and always inspiring CAIS event will be the perfect time and place to set this exciting #PBL venture in motion. In fact, researching and sharing history about the 29th Connecticut Volunteer Regiment during the academic 2014-15 year aligns many important stars. First, this project will be a great addition to the many great moments of Connecticut’s 150th memory process for the Civil War. Moreover, Connecticut’s 29th Regiment was also engaging 150 year ago in many strategic campaigns, which will coincide well with our school calendar; having students build this historic project while reporting out on the key achievements of the 29th Regiment will be a meaningful way to learn about the role of this regiment within the Union Army. We hope to have many #PBL learners around the state make contributions to this central blog by early April, the anniversary of the 29th Regiment being the first Union regiment to enter the long besieged city of Richmond, Virginia.

So, find some time and enlist your academic services to this exciting project. Start with finding out more about one soldier at a time. What did that soldier do before, during, and (if they survived) after the war? Click here (and then on the name of your town) to find the names of the 29th Regiment members from your local area: http://www.conn29th.org/descendants.htm  What history will you contribute?

Email Bill Sullivan’s American Studies class (bsullivan@suffieldacademy.org) to join this fun project; they will be the caretakers of this blog and will take the lead in facilitating, organizing, and helping others use the central blog for our collaboration.

Image source: https://twitter.com/danieldmccabe/status/497245691199389696/photo/1

For details about the CAIS event, click here: http://www.caisct.org/RelId/555822390/ISvars/default/TOO_MANY_TOOLS.htm


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I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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