Teachers Helping Teachers 2015

Students today are constantly connected and therefore impatient and easily distracted. The majority of their lives are spent looking at screens. I know that the only way they will truly get anything out of the material presented to them is if it is relevant to their lives as human beings. That is a tricky thing to do with high school students when talking about ideas that are often over 4,000 years old.

So, by using youtube clips from movies, songs, interviews, projects, etc.– I make what seems antiquated, relevant to these students. It is a way forme to liven up their minds with a fairly constant alternating of watching/listening to concepts, as well as writing words with their own hands.

Additionally, I place an incredible importance on the power of moving away from the screen in order to actually commit an idea to the brain. I take pride in my white boards. I am able to take photos of the board after class and post it on the class website in an effort to help retain the connection from what was written, and what was seen and heard.

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