Notes from Seven “Teachers Sharing” Sessions (w/links) April 15th, 2015

These notes are from today’s workshops as partially notated by

– David Sokoloff, History Department, Hamden Hall School (@davesokoloff)

– William Hunter, English Department, PD Officer, Hamden Hall School

Thanks to Chase Collegiate, Jason Lewis, and Bill Sullivan/Diane Brewer, CAIS PD Group, for Hosting!  Apologies for some font size discrepancies etc…


About wordforester

Bill Hunter-- English teacher, poet, prose-writer, father, husband, native New Hampshirite, summer Mainer, CT teacher for the last 29 years-- with interests in how to develop young writers and create a new literary community beyond internet chatter and a diminishing reading culture... let me know if you have any routes to ponder, especially in regard to satisfying the twin needs of reading acuity and interpretive skill combined with innovative writing assignments that involve both student voice and text-intensive investigation...
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