Doing History in the Digital Age with CAIS Colleagues

Come Join a #CAISCT #PBL Investigation of the UGRR

Join CAIS colleagues (Grades 5-12) in a dialogue over dinner at Choate Rosemary Hall on Thursday, October 29th at 5:30pm. As in past programs for history teachers, this CAIS program wants to foster a collaboration with our friends in the Library and leverage their content curation and technology expertise. We will discuss best practices for teaching and learning skills to delve into the very compelling and complex history of Connecticut’s role in the Underground Railroad. Register today here: cais link for registering can be pasted here

  • Come share and learn best practices for effective Project-Based Learning investigations, specific assessments for the #PBL journey, presentation skills, etc.
  • Learn about and join our central blog where students will be “doing” real history, networking with local historical societies, curating relevant content, and publishing their findings.
  • Dialogue about the historiography and complexity of this part of Connecticut’s history, which will further demonstrate the imperative for us to do more local history to create collectively an authentic history of nineteenth century Connecticut.
  • Appreciate Place-Based Learning and Service-Learning elements for your local communities as well as the benefits of collaborating with other CAIS students and teachers.
What's in your backyard? Explore more of this map in Horatio Strother's Underground Railroad in Connecticut

What’s in your backyard? Explore more of this map in Horatio Strother’s Underground Railroad in Connecticut

Explore and add content to our central blog, which will host primary and secondary sources to synthesize our focus, such the 1838 Charter Oak Newspaper, Horatio Strother’s seminal work, and new revelations of David Ruggles. Can your students make connections to Strother’s map on the left?

Horatio Strother’s Underground Railroad in Connecticut:

See also:  and


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