CALL FOR PROPOSALS. What Works is Worth Sharing: Teachers Helping Teachers. “Plugged, Unplugged…Whatever!”

CPDLOGOIs there something you’ve done with your students that you’re really proud of? Join your CAIS colleagues on January 25th and share what you love. Some of the best professional development comes from spending a day with colleagues learning from each other – “What Works is Worth Sharing”. Participants in these programs learn about best practices, lesson plans, innovative projects, and pedagogical techniques that have had a significant impact on students and schools. Sessions may include the use of technology or not; they may encompass all sorts of important learning, such as mind, body, spirit curriculum as well as service learning. Likewise, you should also consider revisiting essential educators topics, such as assessments, homework, measuring engagement, or teaching collaborative work. Moreover, there seems to be a need among CAIS colleagues who now teach in an online grading environment to rethink common classroom practice regarding homework, quizzes, and tests. In general, we are open to you presenting a great learning moment that you feel should be shared with fellow CAIS educators. If you’d like to see what’s been presented at past programs, visit:

In a multi-year effort to concentrate our professional development offerings on 21st Century skills, the CAIS Commission on Professional Development (CPD) is seeking proposals for our next session of “Teachers Helping Teachers”.  Previous events in this series have won rave reviews from your colleagues. The program consists of Connecticut teachers hosting 45-minute sessions where they share their best ideas, lesson plans, projects, and pedagogical techniques. Presentations may also include a question and answer period. The question and answer session can evolve into a continuing dialogue and an opportunity for colleagues to network and make plans for visiting other schools to see innovative curriculum in action. Participants are able to visit several classrooms throughout the day so they can see a variety of teachers and projects. And…as a presenter you, too, will have an opportunity to attend sessions. Ultimately, this program is about “sharing excellence.”

Won’t you join us? Submit your proposal:

To read more about the CPD’s efforts and to view timely articles from fellow educators, please check out the Commission’s Blog more.  If you’d like to become a blog poster, email Bill Sullivan,  Contribute your best ideas, websites, etc. to the blog so that it will become a true collaborative working environment for all CAIS educators. Thanks and we look forward to reading about and learning from your projects!


About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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