Connecting Our PD with Elevator Pitches

elias-elevator-pitch-01The Commission for Professional Development is excited to host another great Teachers Helping Teachers event. We continue to believe that our best professional development assets are among us in our schools and state. Upon reflecting on this insight and reviewing past evaluations from attendees, the commission designed a new elevator pitch format to replace for the opening remarks. This new format will allow session leaders a chance to convey what is important about their session in 60 seconds or less. This large group moment will foster more collegiality as we will begin to make personal connections to a specific educator and topic, and attendees can pass along notes to their community if the topic is outside of their daily practice. We will post the morning of the event the final Google Slide Document with all the pitches, which will in turn be a fun archive of the day’s highlights. The commission wants to thank again all the #CAISCT colleagues for presenting at this year’s conference. Email Diane Brewer or Bill Sullivan w/any questions:


About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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