Can CAIS Schools Showcase Fun Outdoor Education Moments or Models?

Can CAIS colleagues create a program where we showcase great examples of outdoor education that are fun and effective? Could a CAIS school centrally located in the state host a program where CAIS schools present examples of great fun and learning in the outdoors or models of utilizing a natural landscape or habitat on campus for studying? Can we also plan the day to involve or perhaps center students? In fact, would such a program be a great opportunity for students to shine and refine presentation skills as well as just a moment for them to share what they enjoy about the outdoors? A student-lead presentation design might also connect CAIS students to network with each other on future projects and help other CAIS students discover the most effective way to try a new idea at their own school.

Such a CAIS gathering may also be a great moment to examine the potential for a participating in a regional partnership, which is an important trend for environmental education. The Highstead forest in Redding, Connecticut, hosts the “Wildlands and Woodlands program, which is a regional vision that unites and inspires people across New England working to conserve New England’s natural heritage and to craft a sustainable future.” They already host a working model for sharing information and successful strategies.

Is your school interested? Comment below and share your thoughts. Or email Bill Sullivan with ideas and suggestions.

About bsullivan35

I am an English teacher working with great students at an independent school in Ct.
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