About Our Commission

CAIS schools seek to help students develop personally and intellectually, and to appreciate and pursue such growth for a lifetime. In order to serve students well, the Commission on Professional Development provides an array of opportunities designed to enhance the learning and practice of Association teachers and administrators, helping them to keep pace with ever-broadening educational demands. The Commission approaches its task by researching pedagogical trends, assessing the needs within member schools, and identifying topics that refine and enhance current practices. The Commission then designs, sponsors, and promotes events that reflect the interests and respond to the needs of member schools. Offerings include one-day sabbaticals, half-day workshops, and thematic dinner meetings sponsored by discipline-specific subcommittees. The Commission annually assesses the effectiveness of its offerings and the extent to which it realizes its mission by seeking feedback from member schools.

Chair:   Macclintic, Scott (Loomis Chaffee School) @Smacclintic
Vice Chair: Appel, Asha (Kingswood Oxford School)
Backon, Joel (Choate Rosemary Hall) @jbackon
Brenner, Robert (Rumsey Hall School) @brenner_robert
Carpenter,  Maria (Rectory School)
Das, Sue (Brunswick School)
Field Baker, Jamie (Pomfret School)
Hill, Porter (Greenwich Country Day School)
Hunter, Bill (Hamden Hall Country Day School)
Levesque, Lisa (The Rectory School) @LisaCaisCT
Mokriski, Rhonan (Salisbury School) @Rhonan_M
Sullivan, Bill (Suffield Academy) @bsullivan35
Wirth, Sandy (Mitchell College)

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