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Adaptive Learning and Other Educational Challenges

I subscribe to Dan Meyers’ blog because he thinks and writes with great clarity about the teaching of mathematics. I’m no mathematician, but good teaching techniques are cross-disciplinary, permitting me to apply many to the teaching of history. One of Dan’s recent … Continue reading

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It’s About Time

In this age of instant messaging, twitter, and blogging, these advanced forms of communication have found their way into our classrooms. This has increased the speed of communication, instant feed back. You can share your thoughts with the world in … Continue reading

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Why the debate about technology in education is over

Sometimes one is asked an innocuous question that leads to a good deal of reflection. In this case, I was asked to recommend articles characterizing the debate regarding the effectiveness of technology in education. I quickly thought of positioning somebody … Continue reading

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Mindfulness-based stress reduction: What is “Club Med,” and why does it matter?

by Gretchen White If you are curious about how to use mindfulness to improve  social, emotional, and physical well- being for yourself and for your students and colleagues, feel free to join us at the CAIS conference on January 31st  … Continue reading

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Forms, Fields and Flows We’ve seen my friend Dave Gray before, but I don’t think it’s possible to overemphasize in the 21st century the importance of teaching kids (and adults) to be visual communicators.    Giving them a language — even one as … Continue reading

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Is Google Making Us Stoopid?

Click Here  I swear I am not a Luddite! I think Technology is key to the 21st Century classroom. I just want to be sure to marry Tech with traditional learning, not replace it. What do other think? How could we … Continue reading

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