An Invitation to Join Our Blog

Dear CAIS colleagues,

You care about professional learning, but where is there a meaningful forum to share ideas and filter through to the important matters?  Become an author in our new CAIS conversation on this blog and help others by sharing your learning on issues important to you and CAIS schools. Think of our blog as a faculty lounge for all CAIS educators. It’s our venue to share professional learning, ask questions, and give advice.

Just as an “unconference” moves forward with a participant driven spirit, the Commission of Professional Development created this blog to be a forum for CAIS educators to exchange thoughts, questions and insights about important issues in our learning communities. Email for a simple step to becoming an author on this blog.

What do we hope this blog to become? An opportunity for CAIS educators to jettison inhibitions that they may have about “writing in a social media” world and break into the digital forum of sharing the wisdom we know exists among CAIS minds. Click on this Edutopia link for an example of a dynamic blog for educators:

Imagine that the above content of that post and comments were specific to CAIS educators—perhaps from a colleague! The content would be so useful. Moving forward, the CAIS blog will host interesting topics with comment threads that relate to the contexts of CAIS learning communities because CAIS educators know a great deal about teaching and learning. The blog will also be another lens to design professional development programs. The CPD wants to read your posts.

Also sign up for updates by clicking on the “Follow Blog via Email” hyperlink so that you can follow your colleagues:

Questions? Insights? Please email: Email Bill Sullivan:, Chair of CPD;

or Diane Brewer: Diane Brewer, Director of Programs and Services for CAIS

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