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An #CAISCT Invitation to Join our Sate-Wide #PBL History of Connecticut’s UGRR

Join CAIS learners (teachers and students) in this Project-Based Learning investigation of Connecticut’s complex history of the Underground Railroad. While teachers will be collaborating and sharing best practices for effective project-based learning environments (rubrics, assessments, etc), students will be “doing” … Continue reading

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Teaming Up On Shakespeare: New Technologies, Old Plays, and Creative Collaboration with the Bard.”

A big part of teaching a complex work of literature is directly confronting the battlements that students have erected around themselves. Many students have had bad experiences with Shakespeare, having been made to read it too young, too independently, too … Continue reading

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Student Response Systems

The key to an effective and engaging learning environment is that each student has a voice. Student Response Systems (SRS) allows for student voices to be shared in a myriad of ways.SRS are a formative assessment measure that allows students to … Continue reading

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Technology Integration is the Messenger

For the past twenty-two years, I have partnered with teachers to integrate technology in the classroom. During that time, my partners have fallen into three broad groups with a corresponding range of experiences. The first group consists of those teachers who recognized … Continue reading

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Adaptive Learning and Other Educational Challenges

I subscribe to Dan Meyers’ blog because he thinks and writes with great clarity about the teaching of mathematics. I’m no mathematician, but good teaching techniques are cross-disciplinary, permitting me to apply many to the teaching of history. One of Dan’s recent … Continue reading

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We don’t give our students enough credit

Last Thursday, we had a Department Day, causing me to hold a second consecutive class online (Tuesday’s class was online because I was at Teachers Helping Teachers). Since there was a test Friday, I had made the decision to allow … Continue reading

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A New Definition of Rigor: The Six C’s

— Reprinted from the 2012-2013 New England Independent School Guide A growing awareness of the power of integrated technology, project-based learning, and collaborative student performance has begun to change the way independent schools think about instruction and assessment. by Andrew … Continue reading

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